Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My New Desk!

I am so excited to show you my very first before and after!  I found the desk on craigslist (of course) drove my sister's 1986 Jeep to chelsea to pick it up. The previous owner and some random woman off the street helped me put it in the car (thanks ladies) and I drove it home in rush hour.  I sanded it, primed it and then painted it white in my NYC apartment (sorry brain cells) and now I can not stop looking at it! :)

Now I need the perfect chair...


  1. Beautiful work! Love the blue knobs!

  2. so cool sister! it looks amazing! there's this place on the corner of Houston and Bowery that has old used furniture. you might find some nice chairs (and other projects!)

  3. Hmmm.. i shall go and see this place.