Friday, July 15, 2011

Natural Frizz Hair Care

Here is what I have been trying on my hair and it has been working well, may be it works for you too!
2 tsp Lavender Oil
2 tsp Grape Seed Oil
1 cup Water
Pour all in a clean spray bottle, and shake well. Spary some in your hands and then run through your hair or just over the frizz.  Your hair will look perfect and smell amazing, naturally!


  1. wow such a good idea! im definitely going to try that!! by the way, where are you from orginally? love your name, and we both have the frizzy hair problem :)

  2. Dania, thanks for the comment! My name in Farsi means Dawn, and yes in NY the weather can be very hot and humid, so very bad for thick middle eastern hair, I have been trying to avoid chemicals as much as i can and this solution has been working pretty good for me.

  3. This is so intriguing! I'd love to try it, lavender is one of my favorite scents.

  4. Oooh, this would be great for my hair! I just need to pick up some lavender oil:-) (I usually just use moroccan oil for my hair). xoxo

  5. Bon Bon, I use the Lavender oil for its awesome smell. I am sure Moroccan oil does just fine. Trader Joe's has all sorts of oils for very cheep.

  6. This sounds so easy and wonderful. I will definitely have to try this on my #1 &#2 daughters! They will love it.
    I find it interesting that this post garnered so many comments.