Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Exhibitions

Hi Friend,
For those of you who live in Cali, The Pacific Standard Time (which is a colabration among many art and culture organizations) will be having exhibitions across southern CA, about LA art movment from 1945 to 1980. It looks so interesting, think of all the controvesial topics they had to deal with that today seems no longer a huge deal.  I so wish I could go.  And hey on October 2nd, the exhibitions are free!
The images above are of Barbara T. Smith called Birthdaz. She wanted to change the image of a "housewife".
Photos via pacificstandardtime.org

And the Exhibit that I am very excited about is right here in NYC (of course). It is called Design for the Other 90%: Cities. The most talked about designs, architecture and beautiful interiors belong to the well off 10% of the population. So Cooper_Hewitt National Design Museum, is focusing on the other 90% of the population that most designers traditionally neglect.
Photo via Deutsche Bank

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