Friday, October 21, 2011

Playing Outside In Winter

Hi Friend,
On the weekends Mr. B and I take Baby B to the park or the playground, She loves the swing, and is scared of the slide (unless one of us slide down with her, then it is super fun) It is great to get out to go play early in the morning as a family and then walk over to a bakery for breakfast and coffee. Baby B takes bites off of our egg and cheese croissants and walks away to say hi to everyone.  All of these little pleasures in our weekend mornings have made me think of what are we going to do in WINTER.  I have been eyeing a snowsuit for Baby B, but I am hesitant because Mr. B is convinced she will hate it (he hated them as a child) What is a Mom to do? do you have little ones? what do you do in the winter?
Here you can read about babies sleeping outside in their stroller in Denmark, while Mommy is sipping her coffee inside a cafe. That kind of safety and trust in my fellow citizens are so foreign to me.

Have a happy weekend!

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