Friday, November 4, 2011

Anar (Pomegranate)

Hi Friend,
Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share this lovely album with you, it is called Anar, and it is Marketa Irglova's first solo album. You might know her from the movie Once, she won an oscer for her music. it is a sweet sweet album and I definitly recommend it, specially because my lovely little sister Aida Shahghasemi is on this album as well.  Song number 12 is hers, and she does vocals and plays her Daf in all the other songs. Go listen to the CD and buy it if you like! Aida I adore you.
Remember her middle school project? :)

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  1. Sister. I love u. Thank u so much for this post. U mean the world to me.
    Huh! I didn't know u had put pistachios in it! What an awesome idea!! Much much better than those nasty jelly beans. Ughhhh..