Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Knit & Eat Party!!! (part two)

HI Friend,
Here are some more photos of the Knit & Eat Party, the decoration was so so lovely. Ms. Diana from Opmay did a beautiful job, you can learn how she did it on her blog and it is all done with the stuff you can find around your house, or you can buy with a very tiny budget. :) We also had giveaway bags for our lovely guests. Every one took home a knitted bracelet, a DIY ornament kit, tea and yummy food recipes.

Lauren guided us in a few easy yoga poses that were so nice and relaxing. and She fed us with her super tasty, super healthy treats. Try her Black Bean Brownie Bites.

Here is our prom pose!!!!
Pictures by Trevre Andrews for Baftani.

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