Friday, January 6, 2012

Owl have some coffee

In Minnesota Caribou Coffee is a lot more popular than Starbucks. When Mr. B and I started dating, every morning we would meet at a Caribou for a cup before going to work, so this coffee shop has a special place in our hearts. if you have not been to one, the ambiance is like a comfy cabin, most have a fire place that you can sit next to in winter and get comfy. So the first thing we did on our trip to MN was to get Caribou Coffee and that is where I spotted the extremely cute owl mug cozy.

Speaking of cozy, remember these cozy knit trends?


  1. I plunked down on your blog somehow ... And was happy to see your post regarding your MN visit, my home. I will be heading to visit on Jan. 19th to attend my sister's son's wedding. Kind of risky though, heading to MN at the end of January. caribou coffee will grab me when I am there. I will also grab as much MN love from my family as I can. I am officially a California girl now.8 of my 12 grandkids reside here, the other four in Boston. I will always call Minnesota my home, land of 10,000 lakes, and MY favorites, Lake Superior and Gooseberry Falls. many camping memories with our kids.

  2. Graceline,
    Thank you for the comment. I lived in MN for 13 years, and Ioved it.