Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Balloon Dress

If fashion is an art form (I believe it is), then making dresses out of balloons must be one the most creative form of expression out there. Daisy Balloon makes the most beautiful twisted balloon dresses I have ever seen, and they even have a book that is just so pretty. The twisted balloon dress is not that new, and there are even conventions where people compete in that category. However, the Mylar balloon dress above made by Chris Horn, from Anagram Balloons is rather original and I have to say it is pretty fantastic. Bring it on Chris, make some more.


  1. Wow that looks awesome! I would wear it to Mardi Gras!! =)

  2. Whoa! That is totally crazy. Would it hurt if it popped on your skin? I love the colors.

    1. Actually, no. Mylar balloons don't pop like latex does, because they don't stretch.

  3. ha! thats cute and clever