Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chocolate Covered Baby

Baby B tried some chocolate frozen yogurt from Pinkberry the other day. She was covered with it, since holding a spoon correctly is still difficult for her. Chocolate was on her pants, jacket, shoes and even a bit in her hair. Mr. B and I could not stop laughing at the mess she was making, sitting in the middle of Broadway on a bench, so that encouraged her even more. On our adventures outside, but close to home, I don't take a diaper bag, so you can imagine how embracing the walk back home was. Everyone was staring, some laughed, and some looked like they were judging.  Baby B enjoyed her dessert and we enjoyed the site, so it was worth the messy/sticky clean up afterwards.
We adore you baby.

Do you worry about people judging your parenting skills? I would love to hear about it.


  1. The things you have described happens to me and my wife as well. We have routine encounters with these issues, especially when it comes to changing and feeding our daughters. I don't really care about being judged and don't see it that way I gurss . I'm confident that we're doing the right thing because I know that deep down, both my wife & I are raising our girls with full love, integrity and guidance.
    But getting a dirty look or even a comment might be deceiving and create conflict both within one's mind and around the dinner table.
    Great article, thank you! AE

    1. Thanks Amin,
      I try not to let it bother me much either, it all depends on who it is coming from though. those who are close if they say something, which I know is out of love, it hurts a bit more than strangers.

  2. Sometimes people criticize others without looking at the big issue from their point of view. For example, you might get a nasty comment from a single woman in a subway that might not have Kids yet she is giving you a lecture about how feeding a baby in public should be. What's important is to tell such a person that she wouldn't know until she goes through similar stages in life but that her comments and suggestions are always appreciated and well taken. Close relatives comment all the time on these issues and of course it hurts more when it’s negative because we share so much affection and time with them. But once again, I think the same analogy as I described above should apply to them particularly if the person criticizing does not have children.