Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Weekend Lovely

Happy Friday Friend,
Did you know that you can see Jupiter and Venus in the sky now together at sunset?  It is an amazing site, make sure you go out and see it. On March 24-25 the moon will be joining the dance also.

Here are my interesting finds of the week:

DIY: Make a fancy tiara.

Funny: It really is.

Food: This was so good and easy, I made it.

Read: I love these short stories.

Genius: For those with small balconies.

Outfit: Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Image via MSNBC.


  1. Haha "Funny" made me LOL.

    Minted Magazine

  2. i bet seeing the moon, jupiter, and venus line up is gorgeous..wish i was better at spotting them