Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Book: Be Extraordinary

Hi Friend,
I picked up a copy of this book at the National Stationary Show, and I love it. It is called, 7: How many days of the week can be Extraordinary?
Here is a quote that I really liked: "30,000 mornings, give or take, is all we're given. If you are 26, you still have 20,000 left. If you are 54, you still have 10,000. An accident or illness could change all of that, of course. But lets count on you to remain safe and healthy all your allotted life-in which case you still have plenty of time. Sort of...
30,000 mornings. We'll spend some of them on the treadmill, or fighting traffic, or standing in line at the bagel shop. Just be sure to spend some of yours seeking and savoring the real beauty, mystery, and adventure of your days. This is your life; don't miss a day of it."
Isn't that an interesting perspective? 


  1. Wow. Powerful words and well designed too!

  2. Oh wow! I'm with Kurt, I'm a sucker for the design. Sounds like a great book, I'll have to go find it! :)