Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Portraits of Power: Kathrine Switzer

Hi Friend, after watching my sister, Neda run a 5 mile race on Saturday, I was so inspired. She told me about the first woman who ran the marathon in Boston, and how she was pushed out of the race at some point by a man, just because she was a woman. Women were not allowed in the marathon races.
I wanted to know more, her name is Kathrine Switzer, and you can see her being pushed, above. Her friends saved her from that man, and kept her safe for the rest of the race.
In an interview she said that at that point, with all the cameras and reporters focused on her, she realized, she had to finish the race at any cost, or "the men" would make her the example of why women should not be allowed to run.

And she did, she finished the race and her uterus did not fall out!!! it took another 5 years (1973) before woman were allowed to participate in the marathon, but if it was not for Kathrine's fearlessness, it could have been much later. Women struggle with their place in the society to this day, from wage inequality to making decisions about their own bodies. However, just like Kathrine (here comes my pinterest quote) we can change those rules one strid at a time, if only we put fear aside.

Also see her being interviewed for a new series called Makers due to air in 2013, about woman who empower America.

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  1. Oh! Love this series darling. I wish I was a runner...that's definitely something I really want to focus on, but I just can''s so frustrating...Looking forward to read more! Congrats to your sister for the 5k marathon.xoxo