Monday, December 3, 2012

Boot Cover

These boot covers are super easy to make, they can add a bit of color to all the gray winter outfits and keep your legs warm. You can use any stitch style to do these as long as the bottom is Ribbed. You make a rectangle to fit around your calve, Rib for 2 inches then pick any style of stitch that you like and knit 4 inches.  Sew or crochet the short sides together, and tada!

This is the pattern I used, please keep in mind that this pattern only shows what your end result should look like. If you want to fallow this pattern, here is what you do, the first row do what the pattern says, the second row do the opposite of the pattern, if it says K (knit) you have to P (purl), 3rd row will be the same as the pattern and the 4th row will be the opposite, and that is how you carry on through the whole thing. Please let me know if this is helpful to you and if not I can try to improve.

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