Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day

A couple of weeks ago I invited some friends over for a Knit  & Eat party. Everyone brought a healthy wholesome goodness to share, we had a feast. My friend Kristen Cavallo, who is not into knitting so much, brought Vday card making supplies with her and they were a big hit. let's say no one knitted that day, I will let you read all about it on her blog, and see more photos of our day.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Try to be a little nicer today to people around you :)


  1. Such a cute and fun idea! The photos are fun too! That other post is interesting. I always dream that someone is trying to get in to the bathroom when I am in it, or there is no door, or it is see through, or it doesn't lock. Ha ha a shrink would have a field day with that!

    Ali of