Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My New Hobby

Hi Friend,
It has been a while, I got off the blog wagon for a while to assess where I want to take it. I am still working on some ideas which I will share with you soon. I do want to tell you about my new hobby though, I took pottery in high school and a semester in collage.  I went to U of MN which has one of the best pottery/ceramic departments in the nation or so I am told.  I loved it, but left it behind and did not pursue it any more until recently I discovered a small pottery shop close to my home, that has classes late in the evening, I had been dying for an activity out of the house to do on my own, that has no stress and it is hands on. So I signed up, and I have to tell you it has been wonderful. Every Wednesday night I walk up the hill to my class, and on the weekends I go to the open studio.  I have made so many bowls, I am running out of room for them. I would love to make some of these soon.


  1. Those pots are beautiful! Good luck with wherever this journey leads u!