Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend & Graduation

Hi Friend,
This weekend we have Mr. B's graduation ceremony, which we are very excited about. He has worked so hard for the past few years for this day, and achieved so much. Going to school at the same time with working, being a husband and a father is no walk in the park, and I am amazed how graciously he did it all. We are both so thankful for our supportive families, without you this day would have not been possible, and Mr. B, I am so proud of  you.

I hope you have an inspiring weekend.
P.S. Did you know inspiration means breathed upon? read the article bellow.

Genius: Hold on tight shelf.

DIY: Card for Mom

Watch: What is a hipster?

Food: Have brunch with your friend.

Read: About creativity.

Picture via Columbia University

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