Friday, October 12, 2012

Sugar Report

Today is October 12th, and a month since I stopped eating refined sugar (you know, the white stuff). It was hard since sugar is in everything. Read your food labels people, you would be surprised what has sugar in it (pasta sauce for example, what???) Anyways, I did not give up sugar completely just replaced it with natural sugars that are much easier for the body to handle. To be honest there are lots of options out there if you want to avoid sugar, Coconut Bliss is a brand that makes ice cream with coconut milk and agave syrup and it really is tasty.
And to be very honest I did break the rule 3 times, once I was on aware of what I was eating, and the other 2, I really wanted ice cream and we did not have Coconut Bliss. Not a big deal.
So I am going to continue this better habit for one more month. Are you with me?

P.S. Next I am giving up not making eye contact.

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