Monday, September 24, 2012

Planting with Baby B

Hi There,
Baby B and I planted Daffodils and Tulips for the spring over the weekend. It was a mess to clean up after.
She had such a good time with the dirt and layering the bulbs, we put the tall plants on the bottom and the shorter ones halfway up in the pot, look at her focus. It was all well until I said it is time to go inside, and she started throwing the dirt every where for her last hora before being trapped inside the apartment, where there is no dirt to play with. Oh Baby B how I adore you.
Baby quote for today:
"-Mama what are you doing?
-I am putting on makeup, baby.
-Oh, I have my milk cup." :)


  1. Aw so cute! I just wish I was so fascinated with dirt. Looks like she is having a blast!